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Frequently asked questions:

Q: How to care for your keepsakes

A note about your Petalworks jewelry & keepsakes:

Your keepsake beads have a hard outer sealant to protect the bead and give it a glossy finish. The finish makes the bead water resistant, however, not water proof. To preserve the life of your keepsakes, I do not recommend immersing them in water for prolonged periods of time...such as bathing, swimming, washing dishes, etc.

When not in use, store your flower petal jewelry in an area protected from scratching and tarnishing.
*Use a soft cloth to clean your silver plating.
*Do not use chemicals on your keepsake beads.

***Petalworks jewelry and keepsakes have small parts that may present a choking hazard if swallowed. Keep away from children and animals.***


Q: Shipping Instructions

Mail or deliver your flowers promptly. Choose a shipping method so that your fresh flowers arrive in 24-48 hours, overnight is preferable if possible. If your petals are completely dry, you can send them priority mail.

FED EX and UPS will not deliver to my PO Box. If you need to use either of these shipping methods please check with me prior to shipping for an alternate address.

Mail your petals to the address below. Place them in an appropriately sized envelope (make sure it does not have any plastic or bubble wrap lining). Do not try to 'protect' fresh petals with layers of cardboard or use a box. For fresh petals, use an envelope only.

Mail to:


P.O. Box 2
Vandalia, Ohio 45377


Q: How do I package my flowers?

* Layer fresh petals (not whole flowers), in single layers, between sheets of dry paper towels and fold. There is no need to tape or staple paper towels together.

DO NOT use any plastic, plastic bags, bubble wrap, bubble mailers, etc. This will cause your petals to grow mold. I cannot use petals that have mold on them.

If your petals are completely dry, you can place them in a ziplock bag and send them priority mail.

* Blossom beads require 3-4 medium size petals per bead, such as a rose. Sending a few extra petals is a good idea, if you have them.

* If you have smaller flowers such as hydrangea, mums, etc., please send more petals.

I only need your petals. No stems. You may include leaves if you would like green included in your beads.


Q: What color will my keepsakes be?

The color of your keepsake flower petal beads will depend on the color of your flowers. Flowers often change colors as they dry, especially white, red, and pink flowers.

Please let me know the original color of your flowers. A picture is ideal if you can send one.

Here at Petalworks, we have an exceptional color matching system and can turn even the dingiest dried flowers into bright and beautiful keepsakes for you to cherish and share!


Q: When will my keepsakes be finished?

Please allow 4-6 weeks AFTER I receive your flowers for your order to be completed.
Large orders may require an additional 1-2 weeks to complete.
I am happy to accommodate “rush orders” if at all possible, for an additional fee. Please contact me to request a rush delivery.


Q: So, let me see if I got this right...?

Many people have never heard of preservation jewelry here is a quick recap:

Send me your fresh or dried flower petals and I will make flower petal beads out of them. I use those beads to make you keepsake jewelry.
I also offer cremation ash beads or a combination of flower and cremation ashes marbled into a single bead. There is no extra charge for ash jewelry. (Extra flowers and ashes are always returned to you.)
Once you've decided, place your order or contact me for additional instructions for a custom order.
I always contact you when I receive your flowers. Once your order is completed, you will receive a “sneak peek” photo and an estimated delivery date. A tracking number will be provided in your shipping notification.


Q: Why am I being charged sales tax?

A recent Supreme Court ruling now allows states to charge sales tax on online sales. Laws are up to each state legislature, so it varies from place to place. Some states require us to collect the tax over a certain number of sales in a year to the state.


Q: How will my keepsakes be shipped to me?

All domestic packages are sent priority mail with tracking and insurance.
In general, insurance DOES NOT APPLY unless the package is damaged severely or lost completely, and the dates for what's considered lost vary.
If a package is marked as delivered, insurance will not cover anything as far as missing or stolen mail goes.
If a package is damaged please save the packaging since the post office requires photos as proof.


Still have questions?

Feel free to contact me with any other questions or concerns you may have! Happy customers is my goal!